About Bitgur project

Being inspired by blockchain technology and financial decentralization we launched out project in late 2017 years. We see our mission in development such project which will have the complete list of investment and analytics tools useful for all cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Bitgur is first-tier cryptocurrency market data-provider. It is directly connected to dozens of popular exchanges.

Key elements of Bitgur Ecosystems:

1. Price Index

At this moment we aggregate data from more than 50 popular exchanges for 2000+ different coins. Bitgur price index has minimalistic and fast UI and real-time price updates.
URL: http://bitgur.com

2. Customizable cryptocurrency Watchlist

You can create your custom cryptocurrency watchlist using 30+ financial indicators or charts and select their display order in the table.
URL: https://bitgur.com/watchlist

3. Alerting service

Set of traditional and unique alerts. Telegram, e-mail and browser push notifications.
URL: https://bitgur.com/alerts

4. Performance report

The professional customizable report which includes over 30 different financial indicators.
URL: https://bitgur.com/performance

5. Automatic price channel prediction

A tool which makes technical analysis easier. We are trying to predict support and resistance levels for different timeframes.
URL: https://bitgur.com/coin/BTC/prediction. Also working for other coins. You can find links on coin page.

6. Trends monitor and Volume Profile.

With the help of a series of algorithms we automatically generate several actual trends and estimate their boundaries. As a result, we obtained inclined channels with intuitive clear zones of price movement. Channels are fully recalculated once a day, short channels (less than 30 days) are updated every hour.
URL: https://bitgur.com/coin/BTC/chart. Also working for other coins. You can find links on coin page.

7. News Terminal

News terminal with minimalistic mobile and desktop UI. 11 languages supported, over 100 news sites connected.
URL: https://bitgur.com/news

8. Heat Maps

Interactive market Heat Maps.
URL: https://bitgur.com/map

9. Widget collection

Set of modern-style widgets for web-sites.
URL: https://bitgur.com/widgets

10. Bitgur Volatiliy Index

Bitgur Volatility Index (BVI) shows the level of uncertainty in the market of crypto currency. With an increase in the spread of prices, it increases, with decreasing it falls. The index calculates on trade data of Bitgur First Tier cryptocurrencies.
URL: https://bitgur.com/bvi

11. Other reports

Many other useful reports you can find across our site. Such as Bitgur index, Bitcoin open interest report, Bitcoin margin trading sentiment and other…