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Powerful Alerting Service

Monitor 1700+ cryptocurrencies. Get advanced alerts based on data from dozens major exchanges!

Coin Tracking

You can add "Tracking alert" for your favourite coins. You will be receiving short messages like "XYZ (XyzCoin) price changed more than 5.0%. Current price is $777." or "Binance lists XYZ" every time when something will happen. Now there is no need to refresh the sites permanently.

Coin Tracking alert includes
Relative price change Notifies when price changes by condition value percent.
Unusual volume Notifies when a volume has changed significantly
New listings Notifies when a coin has listed on the new exchange
News News related to coin (coming soon)
Events Events related to coin (coming soon)

New Listings

Real-time notifications when new coins are listed on exchanges. You can add alert, that will let you know when new coins are listed on exchanges. You will find it in "Global alerts" tab when creating a new alert.

BVI Alert

We have easy tools to don't mess a market panic. It is BVI alert that connected with our clever Bitgur Volatility Index that tries to tell when there is a storm on the market. This weighted index is calculated on the base of Bitgur first tier cryptocurrencies. You can add Alert that will notify you when Volatility Index exceeds the specified value.

Price and Volume Alerts

We have all types of classic trading alerts: absolute price change, relative price change, unusual volume and other.

Delivery methods

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